Brown Chemical People Profiles

Executive Staff

In Memoriam

Arthur Howard Brown

April 3, 1930 - July 25, 1998

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Doug Brown

Title: President & COO
Phone Mail Extension: 123
Send E-Mail to doug.brown @

Patrick Brown

Title: Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Phone Mail Extension: 113
Send E-Mail to patrick.brown @

Dave Lyle

Title: Vice President - Finance & Operations and Director of Purchasing
Phone Mail Extension: 122
Send E-Mail to dave.lyle @

Administrative Staff

Doug Blum

Title: Office Manager
Phone Mail Extension: 112
Send E-Mail to blumd @

Rob Eckert

Title: Manager - Information Systems
Phone Mail Extension: 125
Send E-Mail to rob.eckert @

Janis Voorman

Title: Accounts Payable/Receivable Staff
Phone Mail Extension: 116
Send E-Mail to janis.voorman @

Pat Blum

Title: Customer Service
Phone Mail Extension: 115
Send E-Mail to blumpm @

Sales Staff

Dennis Reid

Title: Sales Representative
Phone Mail Extension: 114
Send E-Mail to reidda @

Tony Gulli

Title: Sales Manager
Phone Mail Extension: 139
Send E-Mail to gulliton @


Sharon O'Reilly

Title: Sales Representative
Send E-Mail to sharon.oreilly @

Operations Staff

Dennis Tetradis

Title: Plant Manager - Paterson
Send E-Mail to denniste @

Paterson Operations Staff

John Brooks - Operator

Al Wharton - Operator

Tom Rogers - Operator

Oakland Operations Staff

John Wilson - Operations

Joe Pace - Driver

Don Pace - Operator

James Mann -  Driver


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