Brown Chemical -

A History

The Early Years

Brown Chemical was founded in 1936 by William Brown. The original site, which the company still uses today, was located in northeastern New Jersey on Warren Street in Paterson, the center of what was then a strong textile mill market segment.  The company primarily serviced the northern New Jersey area and had a somewhat limited product line and customer base.  After World War Two the Company had become well established in the growing textile trade in all of North Jersey and was looking to expand distribution of its products into additional markets, such as the chemical manufacturing and metal treating industries springing up in New Jersey. The Founder, William Brown, passed away in the year of 1955 and was succeeded by Arthur Brown.  Under Art Brown's leadership the company continued to grow and invest in new marketplaces.  Brown Chemical began to actively pursue additional marketplaces for its products - specialty chemical manufacturing, industrial and institutional cleaners, pigments and dyestuffs. Brown also increased its size and marketing areas to coincide with these additional industries.

Today's Picture

Today Brown Chemical is a Regional Distributor, with 17 Employees that are managed by the Third Generation family members.  Oakland, New Jersey is now the corporate Headquarters, including general warehouse space of 45,000 square feet.  The company still maintains its Paterson location, which houses bulk storage tanks of approximately 90,000 gallons and multiple packaging lines.  Brown direct-sells, distributes or packages over 1000 products representing over 40 major domestic and international chemical Vendors.

Looking to the Future

Brown continues to look toward future markets and future business trends for the direction of the company. A major renovation project is complete at the Paterson bulk storage facility. In addition to renovating or replacing many older storage tanks, several other key features have been added to the location:

Brown has several well - defined goals, a few of which can be summed up as follows:

  1. Identify and increase "Value - Added" services to the customer and the marketplace.
  2. Continue to search for new and expanding product lines and marketplaces.
  3. Continue our commitment to the communities in which we operate and our employees in the areas of health, safety, security, environmental Stewardship and the responsible use of chemical products by ongoing participation in the National Association of Chemical Distributors Responsible DistributionTM management system.
  4. Continually strengthen our partnerships with our Key Suppliers, Customers and our Alliance Partners in the Chemical Distribution Network.

With these goals in mind, Brown Chemical looks forward to moving forward with its third generation and its second 75 years of success.

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Last Updated: 03/27/12